Best Ceremony Ever


The Mr. & Mrs. Jakup Wilson wedding in May of 2016. We started to film this ceremony just after it started. We stopped briefly midway but you get the idea. This was a very funny ceremony. 

Totally a vintage look by the Wilson wedding party. 


The Wedding Cake


When it comes to the cake table we have seen many unique looks at Vintage. The cake table as you can see is not limited to just the cake. We provide many props that allow you to create that unique cake table. From cupcakes and candy you can setup that fabulous cake table. Besides our props, you can add that special touch of fabric, flowers or surround the cake with pictures. Check out some of Vintage ideas below.

Burlap and wedding cakes never grow old. The look is timeless and very Vintage! In this look the box is from Vintage.

Other Vintage Cake Ideas

New wine barrels there are many new looks you could try at Vintage to make your wedding cake even more special...

The Cake Lady of Sioux Falls

The cake lady of Sioux Falls has many great is her latest display at The Wedding Showcase at Grand Falls Casino. The dresser idea and suitcase is one very unique and would work great at vintage. If your curious if we have a dresser? Yes, we have two of them one small and one big note: some extra prop fees may apply with a dresser. To visit The Cake Lady go to for more ideas.


Wine Barrel Tables


Vintage has a new food table made out of white barn wood set on top of three wine barrels. We hope this new look will add charm to your Vintage event. With 4 extra wine barrels on hand we have other ideas that you may like to try.

Pinterest Ideas

There are many great decorating ideas that we just can not share on our website. Vintage is the perfect place for you to be as creative as you like. The possibilities are endless and perhaps overwhelming. Spend just 5 minutes on pinterest finding tags on rustic/vintage weddings and it never ends. The solution is pick a few ideas and go with it. If you can not do it all do not worry; Vintage has many ideas and props as well. Let me share with you some ideas that have been tried and some that have not.
                                                             If you like some of the ideas please share your feedback.

Pinterest Ideas at Vintage

Pinterest Possibilities at Vintage

A rustic table with eclectic chairs and table setting is something we are working on at Vintage. The wine barrel picture will be accomplished some day if I can get my hands on several wine barrels. The lighted wall picture is a work in progress. I have already knocked back a wall and it's being rebuildt behind the head table; this is the look we are going for.  See this wall at Vintage soon!
This look has not been done at Vintage to date. However let your imagination go. We have all these props, they just have not been put together to make this look.

Pinterest and Vintage go hand in hand. We are just as excited as you when it comes to adding that special touch. Have fun with decorating your event in a Vintage rustic style. The look is simply timeless.

To see more Vintage props visit our gallery page.